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What Should You Bring With You

When you move to Mexico, sometimes it is less costly to sell everything you have and start over. Furniture is generally very inexpensive when you have local artist build it to order. And almost everything you had available before will be available now, except it may cost a little more if it is a foreign branded item.

We have found the cost of electronics of any kind to cost more in Mexico than in the USA. This includes small appliances. So if you have limited space to bring items with you, you may want to focus on those things that will cost you more or that cannot be purchased in Mexico.

If you have a large library of music and movies, you may want to begin digitizing all of it a year or two before your expected leave date. It took me three years to digitize ours, but it is worth the time. I purchased a large capacity external hard drive to store our library. English language movies are usually dubbed if you can find them.

We have built a list of items we found better, from our own experience, to bring from the USA or Canada when moving to Mexico.

  • small fireproof safe with important documents
  • sentimental items
  • any and all electronics
  • US music and Movie collection – digitized
  • books written in english
  • high thread count sheets and bedding
  • thick towels
  • heavy cookware and cutlery
  • can opener though most cans have tabs
  • large size clothing and shoes
  • light colored makeup
  • a nice toilet seat
  • vacuum cleaner
  • sturdy ironing board
  • plenty of extension cords and outlet strips with surge protectors
  • dog toys – if you can get away with it
  • 3 months prescription drugs and medical supplies

* All items must be 6 months old or more except your medicines and personal items, so make sure you purchase well in advance of your move.

**You will need to provide a “menaje de casa” for the items you bring with you, if you are driving over the border.

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