A Letter From Santa

Hola Tequisquiapan!

This is Santa Claus. As you know, I am preparing for my great trip around the world on December 24 when I deliver toys to children around the world. But during the few weeks before my travels, while the Elves are filling my sleigh and preparing my reindeer team for the trip, Mrs. Claus and I decided to spend some extra time in our favorite city to take some additional Christmas magic to The children of Tequisquiapan. The city and its people have become very special for both of us.

There is an organization in Tequis that we believe reflects the heart and soul of this wonderful community. They are the Firemen of Tequisquiapan, a volunteer organization dedicated to the welfare of all the citizens of Tequis. They are much more than firefighters. They are the first to respond to any emergency and offer a full range of EMT services. They also offer several educational and civic programs throughout the year to their city and, of course, provide much-needed charitable services during the holidays to some of the city’s most vulnerable citizens. We knew they would know where help was needed.

We were surprised to learn that the Fire department itself was in need of some extra help. Tequis Firefighters receive some government funds, but they must also rely on donations from the public for the equipment and equipment necessary for firefighters. Many fire departments around the world have donated equipment and gear to help, but much of it needs repair when they are received before the Tequisquiapan Firefighters can use them . When the economy is not doing well, donations may be well below what is needed and such has been the case with this organization.

Despite all that, the Tequisquiapan Firefighters helped Santa bring some extra magic to the holiday season this year by allowing Santa to meet with the children of the city and ride in this year’s Christmas Parade. Mrs. Claus and I had a wonderful time! And I think all the children felt a little tingle of Santa’s magic that happens every time I visit.

Now, Santa would like to ask the people of this wonderful town for something. During the rest of the holiday season and throughout the month of January, you might see the members of the Tequisquiapan Firefighters with their small banks of red donations. Take a moment to thank them for their service and give what you can, large or small, to help them buy the equipment and equipment necessary to do their work more effectively and safely. And Santa Claus will immediately add you to the top of the “nice” list!

Gracias a toda la gente de Tequisquiapan.

¨Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!¨

Feliz Navidad!

Santa Claus

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