New in Centro: El Tejaban de la Querencia

El Tejaban de la Querencia

A walk around centro always ends in the discovery of some out of the way shop or restaurant that offers something out of the ordinary. And something out of the ordinary found us during one of our walks. El Tejaban de la Querencia is an intimate restaurant hidden in one of the far corners of the plaza, and its unusual ambiance is only surpassed by its delicious menu. The first thing you see is a small unassuming entrance, located on Andador Morelos #12, with a host attending an outdoor table. Behind him, an entrance leads to a hallway that at first glance, seems to be a small dining room with one table.

But at the end of the hall, there are stairways to dining rooms, the lower of which is actually their covered patio. This dining room is backed by the ruins of an ancient wall, while the rest is a comfortable combination of rustic, casual elegance.

We met restaurant manager, Cesar Garcia, who told us about the restaurant and its fully stocked bar, as well as its sister location in Bernal. The wait staff was awesome, especially contending with our molestation of the Spanish language. You can be assured that after our experience here in Tequis, we will be visiting the Bernal location.

On this occasion, I opted to try one of the three daily specials, consisting of a soup, salad or pasta, and an entree with a side dish, and I chose a provencial quisine. The soup was was delicious, with is nopales, vegetabables and zuchinni flowers in a rich tomatoe base. The house salad was an unusual and tasty blend of crabmeat, pineapple, jicama, and dried berries, but the best was the provencial style chicken cooked with potatoes and just the right amount of spice, and served with spanish rice. Manager Garcia complimented me with a wine spritzer that was so good, I had a second. This was definitely one of the best meals I have had in Tequis in the last three years. And we will definitely make this a weekly choice. Overall, a very pleasing dining experience.

El Tejaban de la Querencia is open Wednesday through Sunday, and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm. Mgr. Garcia takes reservations at tel: 561 423 0408 during business hours, and is most attentive to all of his customers. He made us feel most welcome, and will definitely accept his invitation to visit the Bernal location.

So, everyone, check this one out ASAP! After doing so, you may have a new weekly choice, also! Provecho, Y´all!

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