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Temporary Resident Visa Step 3

Step 3: Visiting the National Immigration Office (INM) in Queretaro

Once you have obtained a lease, you are ready to finish your application for resident status. Remember you only have 30 days to do so once you have crossed the border.

(See information regarding renting in Mexico and links to rental listings here)

The visa will be issued for 1 year and up to one month before expiration you may renew for 3 more years. After 4 years you become a Permanent Resident. A foreign plated car is allowed. But one cannot earn income as a temporary resident without an additional permit.

Prepare your packet for your visit including the following:

  • Form to request immigration procedure stay ; apply online and print
  • Formato Básico ; fill out online and save and print
  • 2 copies of ID section of Passport
  • 2 copies of Mexican Visa section of passport
  • 2 copies of back page of passport
  • Original FMM (issued at the border) – make several copies for your binder
  • Copy of proof of your address – lease, utility bill
  • Cover letter requesting the temporary resident visa.  Here is a link to a sample you can copy and paste into your software.
  • Proof of payment of fees from bank; for  payment form    One year $3,961 pesos;  Work permit $2,974 pesos – This amount is paid when a temporary resident or a temporary resident for study purposes wants to engage in lucrative activities. These fees can be paid at most of the major banks in Mexico – Santiago, HSBC, Banamex.
  • Infantil size photos – three color photos with white background, infant size (2.5 x 3 cm):Two photos taken from the front. One photo taken from the right profile. Applicant must not be wearing glasses or earrings in the photo and hair must be behind the ears. Pictures should be taken in a specialized photography studio. Polaroid or cellular phone pictures will not be accepted. I suggest using a local studio, as there are many near INM. You may have to return to have them replaced if the photos are rejected. You can do this just before visiting INM.

Your local immigration office for those residing in Tequis, is the Queretaro office. It is about an hours drive from Tequis.

National Migration Institute     

Extension Pino Suárez No. 479 Col. Ejido Modelo CP 76177 Querétaro, Qro.

Tel: 01(442)214-2712
Hours: 9am to 1 pm, Monday – Friday

Go early to get parking and avoid long waits. They utilize the number system and are constantly issuing numbers between 9a.m. and 1p.m. when they close their doors. They will process whoever made it inside before that time.

The agents are quick, and good at what they do here. But they are under constant pressure. Many times your experience will be greatly enhanced by simply recognizing their humanity, and greeting them, asking how they are, or commenting on the weight of their position. Above all, smile at them and make eye contact. Try to speak as much Spanish as you can, or bring a translator who you should introduce in Spanish. Remember, cell phone use is not allowed…even your translator. Present your letter requesting your visa that should have been prepared in Spanish.

Have your packet ready to hand them. The agent will make sure you have all the required documents, and give you a list of what is needed, if anything, to complete your application. There is one agent in the Queretaro office at this time that speaks English, and she will help with the few English speaking applicants they have. She is extremely patient, and will appreciate your efforts to assimilate by at least attempting to speak the language. But don’t worry, she is very proficient in English, and will guide you through the process. After signing a few documents, you will be issued your NUT (a unique identifying number for your INM file). This document will temporarily replace your Resident Temporal until the process is finished.

I would recommend visiting ADUANA (Customs) at the airport on your way back to Tequis, to get your car permit updated. There entrance is located to the right of the main terminal entrance.  You will need to return once the card is issued as well. There is no charge for this.

You will then wait to receive an email giving your NUT and a Password to use to track the status of your application on the INM website. Check status here.
We received ours in one day.

You will receive a second email when your application is accepted. We received ours in one week. You will be invited to go to the portal above where you track your status. It will say “trade official”. At this point, you will return to the INM office in Queretaro to have your fingerprints taken and sign another document. Be sure to have a printout of your online message from INM and the paper issuing your NUT, as well as your passport. Take your binder just in case.

After this visit, you should continue to check your status using the INM portal above. In 3 weeks, you should receive a message indicating that your Temporary permit is ready, and you should return to the INM office. Again, be sure you have a printed copy of this massage, your passport, and your letter issuing the NUT. You will sign a few final documents including one where you acknowledge receiving the card.

On your card you will notice a number called your CURP. This is the equivalent of a national identification number, and will be used to apply for many other benefits available to expats.

Once you have received the card, make a copy and return to ADUANA (Customs) at the Queretaro Airport to update your auto permit.

You are done for another year, or several as the case may be. The next step on your way to legally residing permanently in Mexico is to obtain your Permanent Resident Visa.

Step 1: Visit the nearest Mexican Consulate in your home country

Step 2: Crossing the Border

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