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Temporary Resident Visa: Step 1

Step 1: Visit the nearest Mexican Consulate in your home country.

INM in Mexico will send you right back over the border if you skip this step. They cannot initiate the process from Mexico. This link will give you a list of  Mexican Consulates around the world.

Call for an appointment or use online portal if available for your office, and show up at least 15 minutes early for your appointment.

US Telephone Number: 1-877- 639 – 4835
Canada Telephone Number: 01-800 – 639 – 4835
To file online (if available): click here

What is required:

  • $36 USD fee
  • Original Visa Application available HERE. Print and fill out by hand in Spanish. Make 3 copies for your binder.
  • Original and copy of your passport’s profile page and the back page.
  • 2 passport size photos. The photograph must be recent up to a maximum of 6 months old; facing the front; with visible face and without glasses; in color; whose measurements must be at least 32.0 mm x 26.0 mm and a maximum of 39.0 mm x 31.0 mm, with a white background.
  • Original of 6 months bank statements showing qualifying monthly income* or bank statements with balances that equal or exceed required balances **
  • If married, original and copy of marriage certificate
  • Original and copy of your birth certificate
  • Letter requesting the visa from INM. Use this link for a sample letter.

We used the New Orleans office, made a morning appointment and spent a total of 2 hours completing the process. One hour was spent eating lunch while we waited for the visa to be mounted in our passports. Once you obtain the visa, you have 180 days to cross the border. Once you cross the border, you have 30 days to complete the process and obtain your card at the closest INM office to your destination.

Qualifying Income

* Qualifying monthly income as of June 2018 is 300 times the daily minimum wage in Mexico City which is $88.36 pesos, making the total monthly income $26,508 pesos, or $1395 USD per month. For a spouse, you need another $500 per month. That is based on the current exchange rate of $19.

** Qualifying bank balance with no income as of June 2018 is 5000 times the daily minimum wage in Mexico City of $88.36 pesos, totaling $441,800 pesos or $23,253 USD.


What is the Temporary Resident Visa

Step 2: Crossing the Border

Step 3: Visiting the National Immigration Office (INM) in Queretaro




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