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“You Mean I Can Live on $350 a month in Mexico?”

I’m sure that it is possible to do this….with a lot of primitive accoutrements. That is not me. I do not wish to live in a commune, share bath facilities or sleep in a tent. I prefer all the modern conveniences, including electricity and running water.  And I do not intend to give up television

and digital communications. I do not wish to live in a cave, nor do I want to become a member of a remote indigenous tribe living off the land.

I was never more frustrated when doing my own research than when I would ask the question “How much will it cost me to live?” and get the answer that “It depends”! But now I am being asked the same thing, and it is among the very first questions asked. In trying to give an objective answer to such a subjective question, I am finding that I must also say “It depends”! What are your thresholds? How large of a house do you desire? In town or out? Will you have an auto or will you use public transportation? Some people would never want a home without a swimming pool. Others may want to live as inexpensively as possible, and are willing to give up many luxuries, or are willing to live in a less esthetically pleasing locale. Your budget may dictate a certain lifestyle. But remember, no matter what you desire, your money will go farther in Mexico. On average, and its a broad average, you can live on 30 – 40% of what you did in the US to maintain your lifestyle. But Mexico is different, as are the priorities here. While there may be few houses with a dishwasher, most people can afford to hire a maid to help with housework. Your electric bill may be low compared to U.S. standards, but because of the tiered billing system which subsidizes the poor, you will have to diligently monitor your consumption to keep it that way. To put it another way, your lifestyle, no matter what it was, will change.

Your budget will heavily depend on the current exchange rate which fluctuates constantly. The budget shown here is as of June, 2020.  This budget assumes 2 people (retired), 1 auto paid for, middle class lifestyle, living comfortably but includes no travel expenses.

Moderate Middle Class Budget for Tequis

Here is a link to an on-line cost of living monitor that is based on volunteer efforts but is pretty accurate:

  Cost of Living in Queretaro

It is for the city of Queretaro, which runs a tiny bit less expensive than Tequis, a tourist town, but can be used for an estimate.

Everyone’s needs are different. The budget above was meant for a guide only to give you some idea of what you might spend. We have included a printable worksheet for your use to help you with your own budgeting needs.

Budgeting Worksheet

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